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10 April 2007 @ 11:45 pm
Title: A Midwinter’s Nightmare
Prompt: #70: meaningless
Rating: PG
Summary: The same old story done in a new Old Way.

( “A Midwinter’s Nightmare” )
02 April 2007 @ 12:02 pm
Title: Handcuffed
Prompt: #100: armada
Rating: NC-17 (for presence of nudity =P)
Summary: She didn’t mean to handcuff him naked to the bed. Really!
( “Handcuffed” )

Title: All Is Fair
Prompt: #40: mammy
Rating: PG
Summary: Mrs. Malfoy had taught her child a new word. The child’s father might not approve.
( “All If Fair” )

Title: Counting The Storms Away
Prompt: #19: nothing
Rating: PG13
Summary: She was always nothing to him, and yet when he had lost her, she had become his ‘too much’.
( “ Counting The Storms Away ” )

Title: Curling Toes
Prompt: #57: pussyfoot
Rating: PG
Summary: A simple brunch with an old friend strays down a disturbing memory lane.
Curling ToesCollapse )

Title: Giving Up Dominance
Prompt: #59: predominance
Rating: PG13
Summary: How easily can tables turn.
Author’s Note: Continuing #100: armada – “Handcuffed”.
( “ Giving Up Dominance ” )
25 March 2007 @ 09:04 pm
Hope I've done this correctly! ♥

Title: The Dark
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There is no word, he thinks, so dark as this; the sharp rattle of bitter laughter and familiarity creeping their way into the syllables, and he is neither proud nor brave under its tired mantle: prisoner.
Prompt: unobserved

(Fake LJ-Cut to fic...)
23 March 2007 @ 10:35 am
Title: Fully Roomated
Prompt: #1: Leaseback
Rating: PG
Fully RoommatedCollapse )

Title: A Widow Stood Before Me
Prompt: #2: Corrugated
Rating: PG13
A Widow Stood Before MeCollapse )

Title: Just Politics
Prompt: #3: Reform
Rating: PG
Just PoliticsCollapse )

Title: Poison
Prompt: #26: Poison
Rating: PG13
PoisonCollapse )
Here ye, here ye! Pucker your eyes and brings out your drool buckets, because you have just stumbled onto the very best D/G Dictionary Challenge! It is the only D/G Dictionary Challenge, which inadvertently makes it the best, but we shan’t dwell on details.

If you have stumbled onto us, let me assure you, dear sir or beauteous lady, ‘tis not by chance! For Fate herself hath guided you herein and Fate herself commandeth you to attend. And she would do as much for simple reason, my good reader, for she herself decideth on the prompts. That fickle lovely lady with the sense of humor of a Shakespearian character that loves so much to throw our beloved characters into horrible, ridiculous and nerve-wracking mishaps, had clung onto the tip of a mundane pendulum, and as it swung across the pages of an awfully thick dictionary, has guided it to one hundred words that shall become our prompts in this ordeal.

And just like Fate we shall endow ourselves with powers great, which only cometh to those who holds the pen or strikes the keys, and bring to life those spiteful two to aid us in our search for love. We shall forsake what others say, canon be but a suggestion, for we, my friend, had seen the light reflecting in these Fire and Ice.

Come forth, adjust, choose what ye will
And let your spirits soar.
Let words and snippets guide you to
The joy we came here for.
Let truth be glided out and off,
For certainly we know much better
Let words then weave, and readers smile
With every single letter.

Translated for those of you who can't speak ShakespeareCollapse )

It will be a barrel of fun. Join us, won't you?

Nifty Table for you to snag if you likeCollapse )
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